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5G is expected to set the new guidelinefor communication network architectures.

It will bring a great impact on the industry facilitated via 5G-enabled devices, such as smartphones and IoT. Even though the consumer market seems to be very positive to adopt this new technology, are the manufacturers ready for it? Take smartphone for example, a current 4G smartphone consumes 550 - 900 pieces of MLCC, but a 5G phone will need more than 1,000 pieces. When all the well-known smartphone companies, such as Nokia, Samsung, Huawei, and LG are developing their 5G phones and ready to boost sales in early 2019, the demand for MLCC, a key component for 5G-enabled devices will become the potential risk for the manufacturer. Want to be in the front of this trend and avoid suffering the storage of MLCC? Act now and be the winner!

MLCC playersin the global market

Major global MLCC manufacturers are mainly from Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, including Murata, Kyocera, TDK, Samsung, and Walsin Tech. Even though each manufacturer plans to focus on different aspects of the 5G market, high capacity and high quality remain the golden rule in this industry. Walsin Tech, as a key player, received Recognition of Excellence by US Electronic Component Certification Board and best supplier awards by ASUS, SHARP, Elite Group and more. Its MLCC provides a wide selection of sizes, high capacitance in given case size and capacitor with lead-free termination.

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