Face the Difficulties in IIoT Project?

The 4 most common obstacles you will face before starting a project.

I have few experience in electronics manufacturing and not familiar with the technical terms. How should I start my project?
Where to find reliable suppliers to protect my IP (intellectual properties)?
I don’t speak Mandarin, how should I contact the manufacturers in China and Taiwan?
I don’t have office in Asia, how should I track the project process, manage and supervise the suppliers?

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TECHDesign is an online platform to connect worldwide hardware innovators with manufacturers and design houses. Our experienced project managers help you go through the product defining, specification review, electrical design and mechanical design. Meanwhile, you could have consultant’s support to help you solve technical issues and understand how to negotiate with suppliers.

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TECHDesign experienced experts help solve the problems.

In my current project, I got difficulties…*

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Elements to Consider
before Project Kick-off?

Numbers of product design elements you will need to consider include Component & Power selection, Circuit Design, PCB layout, PCB manufacturing, PCB Assembly, Firmware Design, Industrial Design, Mechanical Design, 3D Printing/Mechanical Mock up selection, Tooling, Mechanical part manufacturing, Product Assembly, Software, etc.
IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things), the term was first coined in 2011. Different from other IoT applications relatively focusing on consumer-level devices, IIoT is the mixture of connected devices, sensors, networking and computing devices working together to collect and analyze data and enhance industrial processes. IIoT is often associated with manufacturing. In the factory, IIoT leads us to a fourth industrial revolution or Industry 4.0
TECHDesign understands
It’s a long journey to build the IIoT Solution.
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