Industrial Energy Monitoring System

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Location: Taipei, Taiwan
This power management system is able to do data analysis, allowing users to monitor the condition of equipment via the cloud or specific APP. Smart meters are available to do data optimization. It's also designed with 12 types of alert notifications.
Sensors: Temp, Humidity, CT
Wireless: WIFI, Bluetooth, Sub-1G
Wired Communication: Ethernet
Power: DC
Gateway: Gateway
Control Software: Web-based, 3Egreen APP
Software Features: Dashboard, Analytics
Cloud Compliance: 3Egreen Cloud
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Industrial Energy Monitoring System

Electricity plays an indispensable role in different industries. With the increasing need of electricity, it is important to control their energy use. This Industrial Energy Monitoring System cares about the implicit cost more than explicit cost (facility/construction cost, purchasing cost, etc.).

This system allows users to manage many types of cost, such as electricity waste cost, labor cost, maintenance cost, unplanned downtime cost, industrial safety cost. The Industrial Energy Monitoring System of 3Egreen aims at solving the following problem:

1.          High electricity fee

Ÿ   Decrease electricity of production

Ÿ   Adjust electric power capacity contracts

2.          Difficult to manage equipment

Ÿ   Find out the aging machine

Ÿ   Increase the utilization rate

3.          Low production line efficiency

Ÿ   Process optimization

Ÿ   Digitize your process line

4.          Need abnormal information

Ÿ   Alert notification

Ÿ   Find suspected short circuit and leakage

By using this system, users can increase and reduce defect rate. With the cloud, data can be analyzed. On the platform, users can not only manage and monitor the condition of equipment but also install smart meters/devices to fulfill process optimization and smart manufacturing.


System Demonstration




7 Features: Case Demonstration

1.  [  Aging Energy Usage Detection ]

This Industrial Energy Monitoring System is able to do analysis of energy using trend and detect abnormal status with provided cloud platform. See more real case-demonstration below.

This figure shows about 5kWh extra energy use (compared with rated power) with the aging device.

This picture shows abnormal high-power consumption from a machine five years operation, and ensures the issue after restarting the machine twice (the two down points marked by squares). 


2. [ Abnormal Status Detection ]

     12 Types of alert available:

ü   Sidebar Demand Alert | Average Current | Phase Current Lack

ü   Phase Abnormal | Device Power On | Device Power Off

ü   Realtime Current | Realtime Power | Realtime Temperature

ü   Realtime Humidity | Working Time Period | Idle Time Period


Electrical devices like freezers are easy to become malfunction under environment with high humidity. Or, outsourcing vendor sometimes would fail to detect device abnormalities in time. This system is designed with alert notification via specific APP, allowing staff to monitor and maintain their equipment more easily (warnings are shown via data under red background).


Using designed patch to monitor devices via IoT (compressor plug in this case) – users could receive abnormal temperature alert to prevent the plug from burning.


3. [ Utilization Rate Analysis and visualization ]

Present utilization rate with figures – able to track the rate more easily under different modes.

This picture presents this monitoring system can provide rate analysis to track why the same two machines have different power.


4. [ Data Optimization: Collect/observe data and reset parameter ]

This system can keep track of abnormal situations, take them into consideration and optimize data based on different conditions. The picture below shows parameter resetting because abnormal temperature was detected.


5. [ Collect monthly data: manage power use effectively to avoid exceeding ]

With the cloud platform, users are able to keep good track of their spending on electricity use.


6. [ Able to do analysis by groups or by individual machine ]

With the software, users can check the data of equipment by setting groups or simply monitor each machine individually, providing more flexible ways to do power management.


7. [ Data comparison ]

The industrial energy monitoring system can compare data and provide a sufficient reference for users to make decisions about choosing electrical equipment. The figure shows comparison between variable-frequency and fixed-frequency air compressor.

The machine with Variable-Frequency is more power efficient.

Hardware Specifications

  • Sensors: Temp, Humidity, CT
  • Wireless: WIFI, Bluetooth, Sub-1G
  • Wired Communication: Ethernet
  • Power: DC
  • Gateway: Gateway

Software Specifications

  • Control Software: Web-based, 3Egreen APP
  • Software Features: Dashboard, Analytics

Cloud Compliance

3Egreen Cloud


  • Location: Indoor

Customizable Features

Sensors, Wireless, Wired communication, Gateway, Customer's need
Industrial Energy Monitoring System
Location:Taipei, Taiwan
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