Electronic Design and Manufacturing

Hardware design and electronic manufacturing services from verified suppliers

How does TECHDesign help you with your electronic product development?

Supplier Sourcing Services

Get matched with suitable suppliers to develop your electronic product
Hardware design service
Engineering and manufacturing service
Contract manufacturing service
Electronic product development service
Project Consultancy Services
Get support on your hardware development from TECHDesign's hardware specialists
Feasibility Study
Specification Consultation
Project Management Service

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Rigorous and Systematic Matching Process

Looking for electronic product design and manufacturing services? Our matching process finds the best supplier for you
How It Works
Submit project
Submit your project details to us. Please provide as much information as possible so we can make the best matches and as quickly as possible.
Get assigned a PM
We will assign you a single point of contact PM (project manager) for your project. They will reach out to you to understand and clarify all your project details.
Get matched with suppliers
Our PM will then search through our network of 500+ verified suppliers and 1596 hardware solutions to find suitable suppliers and/or solutions capable of delivering your product.
Supplier signs NDA
Suppliers will then sign either our TECHDesign standard NDA or your own specified NDA before any confidential information is shared.
Align on technical details
Our PMs will then work to ensure all of the technical details are aligned and that nothing is missed. We’ll also arrange a conference call so you can speak directly with the supplier.
Get competitive quotes
Our PMs will work with the suppliers to provide you with competitive quotes from each of the suppliers.
Choose supplier and kick-off your project
You pick the supplier and the quote that best matches your needs. You and the supplier then finalize your contract details and kick-off the project!

Guided Throughout by Hardware Experts

Our PMs (project managers) bring decades of hardware development experience and will lead you throughout the process to ensure you don't miss out on anything:
Before adding a supplier onto the TECHDesign platform for matching, every supplier must undergo a rigorous verification process. This includes a thorough examination of their certifications and documentation and an on-site visit or live video interview / virtual factory tour.
Is a registered business with license to do business
Has a solid corporate and financial founding
Its engineering team has sufficient resources and expertise to provide the technology and services it is promoting
Its factory has the required number and types of equipment to produce the goods it is promoting
Its factory has the requisite quality standards (e.g., ISO certifications)
Has sample products able to perform as promoted

Project Consultancy Services

Providing supplementary consultation and guidance to customers in working with suppliers

Feasibility Study

Feasibility Assessment Categories
Business Case
Project Scope
Development Resources
Take our project feasibility self-assessment to get your feasibility score.
Our experts will assess your product concept and provide advice on how to move forward.

Specification Consultation

Specification Consultation Areas
Wireless & Telecom
Our experts will help you make technology choices and develop your specifications.

With a solid understanding of your technical requirements, you will be ready to credibly engage with suppliers.

Project Management Service

Service Areas
Project schedule and cost control
Project issues review and management
Project risk review and management
Detailed documentation review and assessment
Manufacturer capability audit
Trial run and mass production monitoring
Our PMs (project managers) will help manage your suppliers and oversee your electronic product development.