ID: LLDT003Off-The-ShelfCustomizablePCBA
Location: Taipei, Taiwan
Very flexible options for expandable I/O modules for various purposes. Dual RS-485 communication interface sharing the same Modbus address. Built-in management tools and remote upgrade function.
Processor: MCU(ST, STM8L)
Wired Communication: RS485
Power: AC, DC
Customizable Features: PCB size, Customer's need
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Design Description

LLD series is extremely flexible in extensions. With Digital Input/Output, Analog Input/Output and other commonly used control and measurement interface, users can select 1 to 5 different functions of the expansion module according to their application needs. It can provide up to 20 control points making it easy to get the multi-combination control interface. RS-485 and GPIO which are reserved expansion interface can be expanded according to the needs of work. The control module can be installed on the common standard guide rails in the industrial field through a special carrier.

LLD-ModbusIO-01 0

LLD-ModbusIO-01 is a DAM control module with flexibility and high performance-to-price ratio. It has Digital Input/Output and Analog Input/Output common control and acquisition interface for measurement data. The user, depending on application requirements, can select one to five expansion I/O modules (ModIO module series) of different function, providing 20 control points at most. The user can easily obtain the previously mentioned multifunctional combination for control interface; with a specific carrier, the control module is commonly seen to be installed on standard guide rail in the industrial environment. LLD-ModbusIO-01 has seven main advantages:

-       Flexible I/O interface

o   LLD-ModbusIO-01 provides 5+1 I/O module expansion function. With the installation of different modules, the user can obtain different I/O combination, enabling more flexible control and data acquisition functions to meet different requirements. 5 main I/O modules can freely install Digital I/O, Analog I/O and Relay control modules, up to 20 control points. 1 expansion module presently can provide 12 extra Digital Input and Output control points. The interface, allowing to develop other functions in the future, provides LLD-ModbusIO-01 with complete control or communication capability

-       Standard Modbus communication interface

o   LLD-ModbusIO-01 RS-485 Communication Interface provides standard Modbus-RTU communication protocol. All digital control points could be monitored and controlled by standard coil, and all analog signals could be data accessed by the standard register.

-       Dual RS-4845 communication interface

o   LLD-ModbusIO-01 provides an optional “2nd RS-485” alternative. Both RS-485 are Modbus-RTU Slave but share the same Modbus Address; especially for additional localhost (e.g. HMI) to fulfill the requirement like the Air-con monitoring and control application.

-       Diverse power configuration

o   LLD-ModbusIO-01’s working voltage could be 24V AC or 24V DC. There is a set of design 15V@200mA DC output in LLD-ModbusIO-01 which is mainly used for power supply of various types of sensors. The combination characteristics of the 15V DC output and 24V AC input as working voltage can save part of the power converter planning and configuration costs in a monitoring system, such as central air conditioning monitoring applications.

-       Easy management tool

o   LLD-ModbusIO-01 has a simple management tool, window, and menu design making it easy to set up LLD-ModbusIO-01. It also provides real-time operating status monitoring function, allowing remote monitoring for operating status at each point.

-       Expandable DDC function

o   LLD-ModbusIo-01 could expand DDC function for input reading, output control, math operations, comparison, time, HVACPID, etc... (over 50 common functions), allowing the user to directly develop and debug DDC program with the online menu from the management tool. You can also define an 8-digit password to protect the on-site operating DDC program when you process the upload/download and debug a program.

-       Remote upgrade function

o   The user can monitor a computer via the management tool specialized for LLD-ModbusIO-01 and conduct remote software upgrade via the RS-485 communication port, which can reduce system operating cost.


LLD-ModbusIO-01 1


LLD-ModbusIO-01 2



-       RS-485 remote equipment data transmission communication

-       RS-485 isolation protection (optional)

-       Standard Modbus-RTU communication protocol

-       Relay Output control (Relay DO)

-       Open Collector Digital Output control(Open Collector DO)

-       Optically isolated digital input control interface (Isolated DI)

-       12-bit Analog input control interface (AI)

-       12-bit Analog output control interface (AO)

-       24V DC/AC power supply mode

-       Reserved expansion interfaceRS-485, GPIO

LLD-ModbusIO-01 3LLD-ModbusIO-01 4

LLD-ModbusIO-01 5

Function Specifications

  • Processor: MCU(ST, STM8L)
  • Wired Communication: RS485
  • Power: AC, DC
  • Memory: SRAM, FLASH

Customizable Features

PCB size, Customer's need
Location:Taipei, Taiwan
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