IoT LoRa Modem with 5 I/O ports

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Location: Xiamen, China
This LoRaWAN modem allows transmitting data from different devices and systems to any cloud solution wirelessly. 5 I/O ports are provided, and max transmission distance as far as 8 KM.
Wireless: LORA
Wired Communication: RS232, RS485
Power: DC
Certification: CE, FCC
Material: Plastic (PC, ABS, ABS+PC, Carbon fiber)
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l   Max Transmission Distance of 8 KM

l   Rich Port Interface And Easy to Use

l   Excellent Anti-Interference Features

l   Module Supports Over-the-Air Updates

l   -148dBm Ultra-High Receiver Sensitivity



l   LoRa Modem is a wireless data transmission terminal based on LoRa Spread Spectrum Communication technology. It is using LoRa network to provide wireless data transmission function for users.

l   The product uses the high-performance industrial-grade LoRa solution with the embedded real-time operating system as the software support platform.

l   It provides RS232 and RS485 (or RS422) interfaces at the same time, can be connected to the serial devices directly to achieve data pass-through function.

l   The modem has a low-power design, the minimum power consumption is less than 5mA@12VDC. It provides 5 I/O for implement functions as digital input and output, analog input, pulse counting, etc.



The product has been widely used in the M2M industry of the IoT industrial chain, such as smart grid, intelligent transportation, smart home, finance, mobile POS terminals, supply chain automation, industrial automation, intelligent building, fire protection, public safety, environmental protection, meteorology, digital medical, telemetry, agriculture, forestry, water, coal, petrochemical and other related field.









Function Specifications

  • Wireless: LORA
  • Wired Communication: RS232, RS485
  • Power: DC




  • Material: Plastic (PC, ABS, ABS+PC, Carbon fiber)

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  • Four-Faith passed ISO9001, SGS certification, product passed the CE, FCC , EMC certification, environmental testing certification, the State Grid Center Certification , the state industrial production permit, Ministry of Water Resources and Hydropower Research Evaluation and Certification, etc.
IoT LoRa Modem with 5 I/O ports
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