Electronic Design & Manufacturing

  • Build your custom electronic hardware
  • Outsource your hardware development
  • Free quotes from verified suppliers
  • Serving customers worldwide

IoT Solution Marketplace

  • Leverage from 1767 IoT Solutions
  • Shortened time-to-market
  • Little-to-no development costs
  • Customizable to your specifications

Verified Suppliers

  • Extensive network of 500+ suppliers
  • Wide range of technologies & capabilities
  • Rigorous verification process
  • ODM, EMS & other electronic manufacturers

Hardware Development at Each Product Stage

Concept & Proof of Concept
developer_board Electronic Design
Manufacturing Services

Looking for electronic suppliers to build your product

Our verified suppliers bring a range of services
Concept & Proof of Concept
Industrial Design
3D Printing
Mechanical Prototype
Prototyping / PoC (Proof-of-Concept)
developer_board Design
Circuit / Firmware Development
PCB Layout
Mechanical Design
Software App / Cloud Development
PCB Assembly
Mechanical Production
Product Assembly

Looking for professional help in your hardware development?

Our in-house hardware consultants can deliver
Concept & Proof of Concept
Feasibility Study
Specification Consultation
developer_board Design /   Manufacturing
Project Management Service

Looking to jumpstart your electronic product with existing solutions?

Our Hardware & IoT Solution Marketplace provides
Concept & Proof of Concept /  developer_board Electronic Design /  Manufacturing Services
Off-The-Shelf Solutions
Customizable Solutions

Having problems in your electronic product development?

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Why TECHDesign

Precise supplier and solution matchmaking
We’ll search through our 500+ suppliers and 1767 hardware solutions to find the best match for your specific technical needs
One-stop shop service
Simply provide us with your project details and we’ll do all the work to get you competitive supplier quotes
Hardware development expertise and counsel
Our Project Managers (PMs) will guide you through the entire process
Trustworthy platform
Built-in intellectual property protection and reliable supply chain partners
Serving customers worldwide
We support and connect customers and suppliers from all corners of the globe

Hardware Development Deep Dive

Become a Supplier on the TECHDesign Platform

Connect with a community of buyers by offering your products and services through the TECHDesign platform. Advertise your business with a company profile and by posting your hardware & IoT solutions.
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