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About TECHDesign

TECHDesign is the official online store showcasing products from cutting-edge electronic component manufacturers, including Winbond and Nuvoton.

Direct from manufacturers

As an authorized channel, we are proud to only supply products from original manufacturers and we guarantee that each order will meet your exacting quality standards.

We supply all parts

We supply all the Flash, DRAM, MCUs, MPUs, and EVB by the suppliers on our site. Contact us today and we will respond immediately.

From evaluation to production

Whether it's an order for one piece, or a production order spanning several years, you can schedule your needs with us at a competitive price point.

Wholesale RFQ service

Apply our "Corporate Account Program" to get the tailored pricing and large quantify discounts to reflect your full project volume.

After-sales support

With technicians from each of our partner manufacturers embedded with our team, you don't need to worry about a lack of follow-up support. We have got your back.