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How does TECHDesign help me procure the electronic components I need?
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At TECHDesign, eMarket team makes it possible for buyers to source electronic components and modules directly from the manufacturers who make them. We strive to provide the most efficient and cost-effective procurement process for our buyers.
OrderHow can I place an order?
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Step 1.
Go to Electronic Components (by eMarket), search by any keyword or part number, or click on the manufacturer’s icon to browse by manufacturer.

Step 2.
Add product to shopping cart and click on “CHECK OUT”

Step 3.
Fill in product details, shipping destination and shipping/billing address(es)

Step 4. Select payment method and complete your order by clicking on “PLACE ORDER”

You can find the order status on the buyer dashboard

OrderHow to check out my order with credit card?
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TECHDesign currently supports payment by VISA, Mastercard and American Express. Please select your desired credit card option to check out.

OrderI can’t complete my payment.
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Please refresh your page and clear cache and cookies, and then try again to complete the payment.
Should the issue happen again, please provide the error page screenshot and contact our support team for help.
Note: Once you “CHECK OUT” successfully, you will get an automatic system confirmation e-mail in your inbox.

OrderHow much is the banking fee for wire transfers?
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Wire transfer fees will be determined by the bank you use and the bank we use. Please ensure that you transfer enough funds to cover all banking transaction fees incurred for your purchase. If unsure how much to wire, please contact our support team for help.

OrderHow can I cancel my order?
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Unpaid Order
The order will be automatically cancelled if the due date of payment has passed.

Paid Order
Step 1. Go to “Buyer Dashboard” and click on “My Orders & RFQs”

Step 2. Find the order, Click on “VIEW ORDER” and click on the “CANCEL ORDER” button on the top-right corner.

Step 3. Fill in the reason(s) for cancellation and send out the cancel form to us

We will liaise with the manufacturer regarding your request to cancel your order. The order will be cancelled only after the manufacturer has confirmed that they accept for the order to be cancelled.

OrderHow can I request for a refund?
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Please refer to our Member Collection and Payment Service Rules or contact our support team for further assistance.

OrderHow can I send a quotation?
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For components that are out of stock or at an inventory level below the volume you’d like to purchase, you can send a request for quotation to the manufacturer for price and lead time.

Step 1. Click on “GET A QUOTE”

Step 2. Fill in the quotation form and click on “REQUEST A QUOTE”

OrderHow can I check my quotation request?
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Step 1. Log in and click on “Buyer Dashboard”

Step 2. Select “My Orders & RFQs”, switch to “RFQ” tab and click on request number for more details

Step 3. If you are fine with the price and lead time provided by the manufacturer, click on “ACCEPT QUOTATION” to proceed with payment.

Please complete payment before the due date or this quotation will be cancelled.

OrderI’d like to purchase a product not shown on the TECHDesign platform
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Please contact our support team for further assistance.

OrderHow can I receive my invoice?
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TECHDesign provides a proforma invoice for your reference once you “Check Out.” A hardcopy invoice will be sent along with your order.
You can also download an electronic copy on through “Buyer Dashboard/My orders” tab

ShippingWhere can I track my order status?
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You can check your order details and status on Buyer Dashboard

ShippingI didn’t receive my package. What can I do?
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Please contact our support team with your order number and receipt. We will help you to verify the problem.

ShippingWhen can I receive my package?
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All TECHDesign orders will be shipped within 3 working days once the payment has been received. The shipping time will depend on the destination.

ShippingWhat is your shipping courier?
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We currently cooperate with FedEx, DHL and UPS, but the actual shipping courier for your order will depend on the manufacturer.
For more detail, you can contact our support team for help.

How can TECHDesign help me in my product development journey?
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At TECHDesign, our eService team helps TECHDesign members turn their electronic concepts into hardware reality. Our eService team is comprised of professionals who have had extensive experience in the electronics supply chain. Our eService consultants and project managers help our clients jumpstart their hardware projects either by leveraging proven hardware solutions or by working with verified suppliers to build something completely new.

What kinds of projects can be carried out on the TECHDesign platform?
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We can help manage and find suitable suppliers for projects at any stage of the product development cycle. It's preferable to have a clear scope of the services you’d like to request. In general, you should already have a prototype and be focused on a specific design service, such as industrial design or software development. You may outsource a range of designs such as circuit design, printed circuit board (PCB) layout, PCB printing, solution design, PCB assembly, mechanical design, or industrial design, to suitable suppliers on the TECHDesign platform.

What is a hardware solution?
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A hardware solution is a design previously implemented by the supplier that can be customized for a similar project, such as your own. It could be a demo kit, a sub-system module or an off-the-shelf product. Some suppliers may provide product samples for their solutions. You can buy the sample, and then decide whether to further customize your project.

What are the services provided by manufacturers and design houses on the TECHDesign platform?
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The suppliers that we work with can provide the full range of services required throughout the hardware development process. These services include circuit design, PCB layout, mechanical design, industrial design, firmware/software development, 3D printing, PCB printing, mechanical manufacturing and product assembly.

What if I have only an innovative idea and concept for my project?
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Our experts will assess the feasibility of your product concept, development cost, and delivery schedule to provide trusted advice. As the specification becomes clear, then we can proceed to finding suitable suppliers.

When should I pay?
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It's free to register and submit your project quotation request. After your request is submitted, suppliers who can provide the services you need will provide quotations based on your requirements. You will be requested to make the payment when you accept the quotation, after which your project can start. Your payment will be kept in an escrow account until you approve the deliverables at each payment milestone. Only then do we release the money to the supplier.

How can I clarify the requirement and specification with the supplier?
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If the supplier is interested in your project, TECHDesign will notify you and bridge you to the supplier for basic requirements clarification. We will then provide a discussion function for both parties to discuss the detailed specification.

What kind of privacy protection do I have for my requirement?
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When you submit a request, the request information will be disclosed to suitable suppliers. We highly recommend that you enable the non-disclosure agreement (NDA) in the request function, and that you wait for the supplier to sign the NDA before you disclose more detailed information to them through the discussion function.

Is the NDA required? What if I don't have an NDA on my own?
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It is not absolutely required; you decide whether to use the NDA with suppliers. We suggest you consider the nature of your project and its requirements when you decide. TECHDesign provides an NDA template if you do not have your own.

What should I do after submitting my request?
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Please kindly wait for our hardware development experts to reach out to you. They will align with you on the project details and begin reaching out to suitable suppliers for discussion. You can check on your request status by visiting the “Buyer dashboard” (https://techdesign.com/dashboard/buyer/projects) (shown below) and clicking on “My Project Quotation”. The status shows your project stage. You can also edit or terminate the project via “Actions” in this page. Once you accept any of the quotations, you can start tracking your project at “My projects” - payment and milestone tracking will be completed here. Once completed, you can find your project and purchase history in “My orders”.

How can I keep track of the hardware solutions I am interested in?
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You can click on the thumbs up to add a hardware solution to your “Favorite Solutions” and it will be stored on your “Buyer dashboard”. Additionally, you can submit a project request using a customizable or off-the-shelf solution to get a quotation.

How can I become a verified supplier?
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In order to become a verified supplier, you will need to first register as a user on our website, then click on the “Become Supplier” option under the top right icon on the TECHDesign.com website. Our team will then reach out to you to begin the verification process. You can find the link here: (https://www.techdesign.com/become-supplier?suppliertype=service)

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