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Returns and Refunds Policy

Unless otherwise stated in this Returns and Refunds Policy (“Policy”), the capitalized terms shall adopt the meanings set forth in the Collection and Payment Service Rules (“Rules”).


  1. When is the deadline for requesting a return?

    We’d like you to feel happy about your purchase. Unless otherwise stated on the TECHDesign website, you may request returns for items you purchase from the Suppliers listed on the TECHDesign website within 7 days of receiving the product. If you need more time to consider, a request for a one-time extension of another 7 days will need to be made in the system before the expiration of the initial 7-day period. The Suppliers reserve the right as to whether to accept the request for returns.

  2. How to return goods?

    The goods shall be returned in its complete and original packaging (including any outer packaging and inside materials used for package cushioning), unless the Supplier has agreed that there is no need for the Buyer to return the goods.

  3. Who will bear the costs of the return?

    The costs of returning the goods will be borne solely by the Buyer.


  1. How do I apply for a refund?

    You may log into the Buyer Dashboard to initiate a request for refund or simply contact us.

  2. How long will the refund take?

    Upon receiving the proof of the return of goods, Nuvoton Technology Corporation will process the refund in line with the Buyer’s payment method within fifteen (15) working days. However, the actual receiving time of the refund by the Buyer will depend on the processing time of their respective financial institutions.

  3. What would be the payment method for refund?

    The amount to be refunded to the Buyer under the Policy will be made in line with the Buyer’s payment method (e.g., if the payment was via a  third-party payment processor, the refund shall be via such third-party payment; paid by credit card, credited back to the same credit card; paid by remittance, refunded to the original remittance bank account; paid by a coupon, refunded by such coupon to the extent that the coupon is still effective; however, if the coupon has expired, Nuvoton Technology Corporation has no obligation to re-offer a new coupon to the Buyer).

  4. Do I need to bear any handling fees for the refund?

    Unless explicitly mentioned otherwise in the relevant clauses of the Rules, the Buyer should bear all handling fees associated with a Refund.

    1. For original payment made by the Buyer through a credit card or third-party payment service provider (such as PayPal or AliPay): the Buyer will bear the transaction fees charged to Nuvoton Technology Corporation when the original payment was made by the Buyer.

    2. For original payment made by the Buyer through wire transfers, the Buyer will bear charges by all banks engaged in the transfer of the Refund (including the issuing bank, intermediary bank(s) and beneficiary bank).

    When the Buyer applies for a refund of a transaction that was entered into as a corporate account holder pursuant to the application procedures in TECHDesign Member Terms and Conditions, the Buyer shall also bear all the fees associated with shipping the goods from the Supplier to the destination specified by the Buyer on the order (the “Outbound Shipping Fees”). If the amount of Outbound Shipping Fees is specified on the order, the Buyer shall bear the amount on the order. If the order does not show the Outbound Shipping Fees or the amount of Outbound Shipping Fees is shown as zero, the Buyer shall bear the actual cost incurred by the Supplier.

    However, the Buyer does not need to bear the Outbound Shipping Fees if the Supplier deems that the refund application has been made due to product defects.

  5. Can I designate an account for refund?

    If a designated bank account is needed in order to proceed with the refund, the Buyer shall provide all the information requested by Nuvoton Technology Corporation with respect to that account (“Designated Account”) within seven (7) calendar days of said request, provided that the Designated Account is under the same individual or corporation as the account used in the original remittance.

    No refund will be made to the Buyer’s Designated Account unless and until the Buyer has provided complete information of the Designated Account, and has completed the refund application by providing Nuvoton Technology Corporation with documentary proof of the return of goods.

  6. What is the currency of refund?

    The refunds issued to the Buyer shall be in the currency that was paid by the Buyer to the Supplier for the relevant transaction.