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Arm Cortex® - M0 Microcontrollers

As one of the leading Microcontroller (MCU) companies in the world, Nuvoton provides the state–of–the–art NuMicro® 32-bit MCU family powered by the ARM® Cortex®-M0 core.

The Cortex®-M0 MCUs provide:

-       Wide operating voltage (1.8V~3.6V,2.5V-5.5V),

-       Industrial temperature (-40℃-125℃),

-       High accuracy oscillator and high immunity (8kV ESD, 4kV EFT),


The Cortex®-M0 MCU family includes:

- Mini51/52/54/58 and M0519/M0564 series for value solutions,

- NUC029 series operate in 5V industrial control,

- M031/32 series use in 1.8V low voltage operating,

- M031BT/032BT series use in 1.8V BT 5.0,

- M0A21/23 series use in 5V robust and high operating temperature,

- NUC121/125 series with USB 2.0 FS device,

- NUC131/230/240 series with Controller Area Network (CAN) bus,

- Ultra-low power solution Nano100/102/103/110/112/130 series (1.8V-3.6V), targeting at battery powered applications.

They are ideal solutions for industrial control systems, industrial automation, consumer products, embedded network control, energy, power systems, and motor control.

Note :

1.     NUC240 series recommend replacement part numbers are NUC140 series

2.     NUC230 series recommend replacement part numbers are NUC130 series

M0 ModelsFeature
M052/054/058/516/518 & NUC100 Series
Mini51/52/54/57 Series
NUC029 Series
M0519/564 Series
M031/32 Series
M031BT/32BT Series
M0A21/23 Series
NUC121/125 Series
NUC131/230/240 Series
Nano110/112/130 Series
Nano100/102/103 Series