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Arm Cortex® - M4 Microcontrollers

The MCUs in the NuMicro® Family, which are based on the Cortex®-M4 architecture, offer exceptional system design capabilities with processing speeds ranging from 90-240 DMIPS at clock frequencies of 72-200 MHz. By utilizing the embedded Flash memory, power consumption can be significantly reduced to 130 μA/MHz, and the dynamic power scaling function is supported by the M480 series.

The NuMicro® Family Cortex®-M4 based MCUs are composed of the following product series:

-       M451 Series: 72 MHz CPU, up to 256 KB of Flash memory, up to 32 KB of SRAM memory, and Quad-SPI interface

-       M471 Series: 72/120 MHz CPU, up to 512 Kbytes of dual bank Flash memory, up to 64 Kbytes of SRAM memory, an independent 32 Kbytes of data Flash, wide pin pitch packages, and certified IEC60730-1 Class B Software Test Library (STL)

-       M480 Series: 192 MHz CPU, up to 512 KB of dual bank Flash memory, up to 160 KB of SRAM memory, SPI Master interface with XIP (eXecute-In-Place), and 16-bit I80 QVGA LCD

-       NUC505 Series: 100 MHz CPU, up to 2048 KB SPI Flash memory, and 128 KB SRAM

M4 ModelsFeature
M481 Series
M451/451M/452/4521/453 Series
M471 Series
M4521/M482/M484 Series
M463/M483 Series
M467/M485 Series
M467/M487 Series
NUC505 Series