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Migration Guide from W29N02GV to W29N02KV


This application note details how to migrate designs from Winbond W29N02GV (2G-bit) NAND Flash memory to W29N02KV (2G-bit) NAND Flash memory.

The memory array of W29N02KV totals 285,212,672 bytes, and organized into 2,048 erasable blocks of 139,264 bytes. Each block consists of 64 programmable pages of 2,176-bytes each. Each page consists of 2,048-bytes for the main data storage area and 128-bytes for the spare data area (The spare area is typically used for error management functions).

The W29N02KV supports the standard NAND flash memory interface using the multiplexed 8-bit bus to transfer data, addresses, and command instructions. The five control signals, CLE, ALE, #CE, #RE and #WE handle the bus interface protocol. Also, the device has two other signal pins, the #WP (Write Protect) and the RY/#BY (Ready/Busy) for monitoring the device status.

Note: All the information provided in this guide illustrates only the differences for each section. Please refer to the respective data sheets for more information.


Features Comparison

Most of the features between W29N02GV and W29N02KV are the same, except a few differences that are highlight in Table 2.1. Refer to the respective W29N02GV and W29N02KV data sheets to verify any other features.

DC Electrical Characteristics


1.     VOH and VOL may need to be relaxed if I/O drive strength is not set to full.

2.     IOL (RY/#BY) may need to be relaxed if RY/#BY pull-down strength is not set to full

AC timing characteristics for Operation


1.     Transition is measured ±200mV from steady-state voltage with load. This parameter is sampled and not 100 % tested.

2.     The RESET (FFh) command is issued while the device is idle, the device goes busy for a maximum of 5us.

3.     Do not issue new command during tWB, even if RY/#BY is ready.

Program and Erase Characteristics

Device ID

Part number comparison


The difference between W29N02GV (2G-bit) NAND Flash memory and W29N02KV (2G-bit) NAND Flash memory is the features innovation, its respective device ID and the ECC coding requirement. All other standard ONFI command set are the same with each other. Customers can easily migrate from W29N02GV to W29N02KV.

Comparison Table

Parameter Page Table

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Publication Date: January 22, 2019 Revision 1.0