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Code Storage Flash Memory

The Code Storage Flash Memory family consists of NOR and NAND. Winbond is the #1 supplier of Serial Flash products in the industry and is the largest unit supplier of NOR Flash memories.

With AEC-Q100, TS16949, ISO9001/14001, OHSAS18001 qualifications, flash memory products are available in Industrial grade and several of these products are qualified for Automotive grade. These products in the flash memory family are used in computer, communication, consumer, mobile, automotive and industrial applications. Below is the table to show density and series numbers.

At TECHDesign, we provide a wide range of Winbond Code Storage Flash Memory solutions- Serial NOR Flash, QspiNAND Flash, SLC NAND Flash.

If you still have no ideas when deciding on using NAND or NOR flash memory, find out more details at our blog: NAND vs NOR understanding differences flash memory.

Here is an overview of Winbond flash products that you may purchase directly from TECHDesign. If you need cross reference, please contact us.

Winbond also provides 1.2V low power Serial NOR Flash, High Performance QspiNAND Flash and OctalNAND Flash series. Here is the brief intro on each product series. If you are interested in 

1.2V low power Serial NOR Flash, High Performance QspiNAND Flash and OctalNAND Flash series, please Contact Us directly.

1.2V Serial NOR Flash

The W25QxxND 1.2V series of Serial NOR Flash has performance identical to the popular 3V and 1.8V families of serial flash with the added benefit of saving power. Winbond offers a wide range of densities from 8 Mb to 256 Mb. This product series is limited for specific clients and applications.

High Performance QspiNAND Flash

The new W25N is a single-level cell (SLC) QspiNAND Flash IC built using Winbond’s proprietary 46nm fabrication process. SLC NAND has higher reliability than the higher-density multi-level cell (MLC) and triple-level cell (TLC). It also supports dual-quad I/O interface to accommodate higher storage density or data transfer rate up to 166 MB/s. The selection allowing for single, dual and quad I/O means customers can enjoy more flexibility compared to what competitors can offer.

OctalNAND Flash

enables automotive and industrial manufacturers to provide code storage in high density. Manufactured in Winbond’s proven 46nm Single Level Cell (SLC) NAND fabrication process, the W35N-JW OctalNAND flash offers excellent data integrity and more than ten years’ data retention. It is specified to perform more than 100,000 Program/Erase cycles, providing the high level of endurance and reliability required in mission-critical automotive and industrial applications, including graphics displays and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) in which the boot code size is often higher than 512 Mbits, NOR flash is reaching its limitations in scale.

Density1.2V Serial NOR FlashHigh Performance QspiNAND FlashOctalNAND Flash

If you don’t see the product you’re interested in listed on our site, please contact us and we’ll respond to your needs soon.