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MLCC - Lighting Application

Please refer to the description and datasheet of MLCC series related to lighting application, click " SHOP NOW " to view the stock of part numbers and proceed to purchase.


SeriesDescriptionFeatures & ApplicationData SheetProduct listing
General Purpose MLCC
◼ General use, for digital/ analog circuits
◼ In size 0201 to 1812
◼ NP0, X7R, X6S, X7S, X5R
◼ Capacitance from 0.1pF~220μF
◼ Rated voltage from 4V~100V
◼ Halogen-free and RoHS compliance
◼ Lead-free termination (pure Tin)
◼ Application: General digital circuit, power supply bypass capacitors, consumer electronics and telecommunication
Middle Voltage MLCC
◼ Medium voltage for commercial and industrial applications
◼ In size from 0402 to 1812
◼ Available in NP0 and X7R
◼ Capacitance from 0.5pF~2.2μF
◼ Rated voltage from 200V~2kV
◼ Halogen-free and RoHS compliance
◼ High voltage in a given case size
◼ High stability and reliability
◼ Application: Snubbers in high frequency power converters, high voltage coupling/DC blocking, DC-DC converters and back-lighting inverters
High Voltage MLCC
◼ High voltage for commercial and industrial applications
◼ In size from 0402 to 1812
◼ Available in NP0, X7R
◼ Capacitance from 33pF~0.018uF
◼ Rated voltage from 2kV~4kV
◼ Halogen-free and RoHS compliance
High Q and Low ESR MLCC
(HH series)
◼ Used at high frequencies generally have a small temperature coefficient of capacitance
◼ In size from 0201 to 0805
◼ Available in NP0
◼ Capacitance from 0.1pF~3300pF
◼ Rated voltage from 10V~630V
◼ Halogen-free and RoHS compliance
◼ High Q and low ESR performance at high frequency
◼ Quality improvement of telephone calls for low power loss and better performance
◼ Application: Mobile telecommunication (ex. mobile phone, WLAN), RF module (ex. power amplifier, VCO) and tuners
Soft Termination MLCC
(SH High Voltage)
◼ Available for any item in standard series range
◼ In size from 0402 to 2225
◼ Available in NP0, X7R, X5R
◼ Capacitance from 0.1pF~47uF
◼ Rated voltage from 6.3V to 3kV
◼ Halogen-free and RoHS compliance
◼ Soft and flexible polymer layer terminations
◼ Withstands high bending stress in SMT line
◼ Robust and reliable performance
◼ Ni/Sn lead-free terminations
◼ Application: Power supply, lighting, and mechanical stress concerned products
Soft Termination MLCC
(SH series)