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The N9H30F61IEC is a sophisticated microprocessor part of the Nuvoton‚N9H Series, which is built upon the powerful ARM926EJ-S core. This series is renowned for delivering advanced processing capabilities targeted specifically for applications requiring efficient Human Machine Interfaces (HMI) for home and industrial automation. The N9H30F61IEC encapsulates a blend of high-speed functionality and robust design, making it a suitable choice for varied applications in the realm of industrial control and interface design.

Function & Applications
Equipped with a variety of features such as an integrated LCD controller, video input interface, and dual SD host controller, the N9H30F61IEC is positioned to serve as the heart of complex display systems. In conjunction with the emWin embedded GUI library, developers can use this device to create intuitive and visually appealing interfaces for applications like:

- Industrial Control Panels
- Home Automation Interfaces
- Medical Monitoring Displays
- Interactive Kiosks
- Point of Sale Systems

Performance Parameters
The N9H30F61IEC is designed to meet the demands of performance-intensive applications. Key performance parameters include:

- ARM926EJ-S core operating at speeds up to 300 MHz.
- 16 KB Instruction and Data caches promote efficient processing.
- 64 MB DDR-II Memory integrated for optimal data throughput.
- High-Speed USB 2.0 interfaces for fast data transfer and connectivity.
- LCD Controller enabling resolutions up to 1024x768 for clear display output.
- CCIR656/CCIR601 video input capable of handling resolutions up to 3M pixels.
- Dual SD Host Controller supporting various storage and I/O options.
- 12-bit ADC with 8 channels and a sampling rate of 800 kSPS.

Package Types, Interface & Pin Configuration
The device is packaged in a 216-pin LQFP (Low Quad Flat Package) form factor, which maximizes space efficiency on printed circuit boards. Interface and pin configurations are carefully designed to facilitate communication and control. Rich peripheral support with multiple sets of UART, CAN, Ethernet, and a touchscreen interface, enhances versatility in connecting different components within a system.

Reliability & Lifespan
N9H30F61IEC is built to function faithfully across a wide temperature range from -40°C to 85°C, making it reliable for industrial environments. The careful selection of materials and stringent manufacturing processes ensure a high lifespan under consistent workloads.

Standards & Certifications
Nuvoton ensures that its products adhere to international standards and holds various certifications that guarantee the N9H30F61IEC's performance, safety, and environmental compliance. Users should refer to the specific product certifications for detailed standards information.

Application Cases & Reference Designs
Several application cases demonstrate the N9H30F61IEC's capabilities, such as home automation panels that allow homeowners to control various home systems. Industrial automation cases include factory machine control panels, where precision and reliability are paramount. Nuvoton provides developers with reference designs and support packages to kickstart project development and ensure that designs meet both specification and quality expectations.

In summary, the N9H30F61IEC microprocessor by Nuvoton stands out as a reliable and versatile component suitable for a wide array of LCD-based display applications, owing to its powerful ARM core, ample built-in memory, and extensive peripherals.

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