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nuvoton numaker-m483kg


EVB for M483 series, CAN 2.0B , Nu-Link2-Me, CMOS & Wifi connector, Arduino UNO compatible, USB PWR




Attribute Value
Core Processor
Cortex M4
Supported Devices
M481,M482,M483 Series (support for certain P/N)


The NuMaker-M483KG consists of two parts, a M483 platform and an on-board Nu-Link2-Me debugger and programmer. The NuMaker-M483KG allows users to quickly develop and easily program and debug application.

The NuMaker-M483KG offers M483KGCAE2A full pins extension connectors and Arduino UNO compatible extension connectors. It is an easy-to-develop platform for user to expand the functionality and build the applications. The NuMaker-M483KG also provides an ammeter connector, allows user to monitor the microcontroller’s power consumption during development.

The Nu-Link2-Me is a debugger and programmer that supports on-line programming and debugging through SWD interface. The on-board 16 Mbit SPI Flash allows it able to off-line programming the target microcontroller. Nu-Link2-Me provides virtual COM port (VCOM) function to print out messages on PC. Nu-Link2-Me can be separated from NuMaker-M483KG, allowing user to use as a mass production programming tool.

Board Features

NuMicro® M483KGCAE2A used as main microcontroller with function downward compatible with:
M481 Series
M482 Series
M483 Series

M483KGCAE2A full pins extension connectors

Arduino UNO compatible extension connectors

Ammeter connector for measuring the microcontroller’s power consumption

Fixable board power supply
External VDD power connector
Arduino UNO compatible extension connector Vin
USB power connector on M031platform
ICE USB connector on Nu-Link2-Me

On-board Nu-Link2-Me debugger and programmer:
Debug through SWD interface
On-line /off-line programming
Virtual COM port function

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