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winbond w25n01gwzeig


1Gb QspiNAND Flash 104MHz SON8




Attribute Value
1.7 ~ 1.95V
SON - 8


The W25N01GW is a part of the QspiNAND Flash series of memory products developed by Winbond. This product is specifically designed to cater to applications that require storing large amounts of code, typically exceeding the 512Mb capacity commonly seen with NOR flash systems. The W25N01GW with a 1Gb density is an ideal replacement, continuing to use the familiar SPI interface but leveraging the NAND flash architecture, which becomes more cost-effective at these higher capacities.

Function & Applications

Winbond's W25N01GW with its built-in ECC feature assures reliability by automatically handling error detection and correction. This functionality is critical as it simplifies design overheads for embedded system controllers. The flash memory also includes bad block management, which enhances the available good memory by mapping out defects. The device supports XiP, allowing systems to execute code directly from the flash. This is especially useful in applications where minimizing boot time is crucial, such as in IoT devices, automotive electronics, and industrial systems.

The memory supports Buffer Read and Continuous Read modes, which significantly improve the efficiency of reading sequences of data. Fast code transfer from flash to DRAM is facilitated by Continuous Read, minimizing system latency and maximizing performance.

Performance Parameters

With a standard voltage range from 1.7V to 1.95V and a speed of 104MHz, the W25N01GW offers robust performance for industrial applications. It operates within a temperature range of -40℃ to 85℃, and an extended variant of -40℃ to 105℃ is available for environments that experience higher temperatures.

Other key performance parameters for the W25N01GW include:
- Page Read Time with ECC Enable: 60µs
- Page Program Time: 250ns (typical)
- Block Erase Time: 2ms (typical)
- Support for an OTP (One Time Programmable) Memory Area

Package Types, Interface & Pin Configuration

The W25N01GW is available in two package types:
- 8-pin WSON (6x8mm)
- 24-ball TFBGA (6x8mm)

It uses a QSPI (Quad Serial Peripheral Interface) that enables high-speed communication. This interface can operate in x1, x2, or x4 mode to optimize speed and efficiency. The specific pin configuration can be found in the detailed datasheet provided by Winbond.

Reliability & Lifespan

Concerning reliability, the QspiNAND Flash W25N01GW is not recommended for new automotive designs but is in mass production for industrial applications. The built-in ECC and bad block management contribute to its robust lifespan, enabling the device to consistently perform in various conditions.


Standards & Certifications

Specific information on standards and certifications that the W25N01GW complies with can typically be found in the product's datasheet and by contacting Winbond directly. It is essential that these products meet industry standards to ensure compatibility and reliability across different platforms and applications.

Application Cases & Reference Designs

The W25N01GW is versatile, fulfilling roles in a broad range of applications such as embedded computing, IoT devices, and systems where a reliable and high-capacity non-volatile storage solution is necessary. Winbond may provide application-specific reference designs and case studies to help system designers understand and implement the QspiNAND Flash into their projects. For further details, interested parties are usually encouraged to engage with Winbond's support and design services.


Product Feature 1

Page Read Time with ECC Enable: 60µs
Page Program Time: 250ns(typ.)
Block Erase Time: 2ms(typ.)
Support OTP Memory Area

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