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winbond w25q128jveim


128Mb Serial NOR Flash 133MHz SON8




Attribute Value
2.7 ~ 3.6V
SON - 8

The W25Q128JV Serial NOR Flash memory developed by Winbond is a 128M-bit storage solution designed for systems with limited space, pins, and power requirements. It offers superior flexibility and performance compared to ordinary Serial Flash devices, making it an ideal choice for code shadowing to RAM, executing code directly from Dual/Quad SPI (XIP), and storing voice, text, and data. Operating on a single 2.7V to 3.6V power supply, the device consumes as low as 1µA for power-down and is available in space-saving packages.


Function & Applications

The W25Q128JV is particularly beneficial for applications that require data and parameter storage due to its small 4KB sectors, which allow for enhanced flexibility. The device supports various interfaces, such as standard SPI, Dual I/O, and Quad I/O SPI, along with clock frequencies up to 133MHz. With Fast Read Dual/Quad I/O capabilities, these transfer rates can surpass asynchronous 8 and 16-bit Parallel Flash memories in terms of performance.

Some key applications for the W25Q128JV include:

1. Automotive systems, such as dashboards, ADAS, and center consoles
2. Industrial equipment
3. Mobile and handheld devices

Performance Parameters

The W25Q128JV has a high-performance output and a range of important features:

1. 133MHz single, Dual/Quad SPI clocks
2. 266/532MHz equivalent Dual/Quad SPI
3. 66MB/S continuous data transfer rate
4. Minimum of 100K Program-Erase cycles per sector
5. Over 20-year data retention

Package Types, Interface & Pin Configuration

The W25Q128JV is available in different package types:

1. 8-pin SOIC 208-mil
2. 16-pin SOIC 300-mil (additional /RESET pin)
3. 8-pad WSON 6x5-mm / 8x6-mm
4. 24-ball TFBGA 8x6-mm (6x4/5x5 ball array)
5. 24-ball WLCSP

Reliability & Lifespan

With a minimum of 100K Program-Erase cycles per sector and more than 20-year data retention, the W25Q128JV is highly reliable. It is available in different temperature ranges, including -40℃ ~ 85℃, and -40℃ ~ 105℃ making it suitable for various environments.

Standards & Certifications

The W25Q128JV supports JEDEC standard manufacturer and device ID, SFDP, and a 64-bit Unique Serial Number.

Application Cases & Reference Designs

The W25Q128JV has been used in various applications, including:

1. Digital displays in automotive dashboards, improving safety and user experience.
2. Instant-on and real-time 2D/3D image rendering with fast processors and SpiFlash® memories.
3. Advanced Driver Assist Systems (ADAS) and navigation systems in automobiles.
4. Industrial equipment and mobile devices requiring space-efficient and high-performance storage solutions.

Overall, the W25Q128JV offers a powerful, reliable, and versatile storage solution for a wide range of applications, setting it apart from other Serial Flash devices.


Product Feature 1

4 I/O Fixed
UID & OTP Feature
Volatile & Non-Volatile SR
Individual Block/Sector Write Protection
Programmable Output Driver Strength

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