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winbond w25n02kvzeir


2Gb QspiNAND Flash 104MHz SON8




Attribute Value
2.7 ~ 3.6V
SON - 8


Winbond's W25N02KV is a Single-Level Cell (SLC) QspiNAND flash memory device, offering 2 Gbits of storage. It is a perfect solution for systems having limited space, pins, and power. The device offers NAND's standard large non-volatile memory space with the popular SPI interface. With its ability to support code shadowing to RAM for code execution, and storing data such as voice and text, the W25N02KV is a versatile memory solution for different applications.

Function & Applications:

The W25N02KV is suited for a range of applications which require non-volatile data storage. It can be utilized in systems for code shadowing to RAM, executing code directly from Dual/Quad SPI (XIP), and storing diverse data forms like voice, text, and data. Its power-efficient operation, consuming as low as 25mA during active usage, and 10µA for standby makes it a preferred choice for power-sensitive applications. Its space-efficient packaging also makes it a perfect fit for applications with limited physical space.

Performance Parameter:

The W25N02KV operates with clock speeds of up to 104MHz, supporting equivalent clock rates of 208MHz for Dual I/O and 416MHz for Quad I/O. It supports a new Sequential Read Mode that allows efficient and fast access to the memory array. The device utilizes an internal buffer to program its 2,048-byte pages, and facilitates the erasure of pages in groups of 64. It offers fast program/erase performance with 60,000 erase/program cycles and 10 years of data retention.

Package Types, Interface, & Pin Configuration:

This memory device comes in space-efficient 8-pad WSON and 24-ball TFBGA packaging of 8x6mm, making it suitable for systems with space constraints. The W25N02KV supports Standard SPI, Dual SPI, and Quad SPI, using Serial Clock, Chip Select, and Serial Data I/O for communication. It also includes a programmable write protection, a Write Protect pin, and a Hold pin for enhanced control.

Reliability & Lifespan:

The W25N02KV showcases excellent reliability with 60,000 erase/program cycles and 10-year data retention. It operates on a single 2.7V to 3.6V power supply, ensuring energy efficiency without compromising performance. In deep power-down mode, the device consumes as low as 1µA, giving it a considerable lifespan.

Standards & Certifications:

The W25N02KV adheres to JEDEC standard for manufacturing and device ID. It also includes a Unique ID page, a parameter page, and ten 2,048-byte OTP pages that align with industry standards. It supports error correction with built-in ECC for effective data integrity.

Application Cases & Reference Designs:

Winbond's QspiNAND flash can be utilized efficiently in embedded systems for code shadowing and Executive-in-place (XiP) functionality, making flash contents swiftly accessible to the processor without any necessity to shadow it to DRAM. This makes it an effective solution for devices requiring quick data access and retrieval while maintaining system efficiency. The W25N02KV's built-in ECC helps manage error detection and correction, providing easy-to-use memory management for the design of robust and reliable products.


Product Feature 1

Page Read Time with ECC Enable: 50us
Page Program Time: 250us(typ.)
Block Erase Time: 2ms(typ.)
Support OTP Memory Area

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