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1Gb Serial NOR Flash 133MHz TFBGA24




Attribute Value
2.7 ~ 3.6V
TFBGA - 24


The Winbond W25Q01JV is a 1-Gigabit Serial NOR Flash memory device that is part of Winbond's extensive range of high-performance SpiFlash® memories. These memory devices are designed to provide a versatile storage solution with fast data transfer rates and efficient interfacing through SPI, Dual-SPI, Quad-SPI, and QPI protocols. The W25Q01JV, with its uniform 4KB sectors and advanced communication interfaces, caters to a variety of industrial applications where reliable and durable non-volatile memory is crucial.

Function & Applications

The W25Q01JV serves as a primary storage medium for code and data, often used in applications where data needs to be stored and retrieved quickly. It is designed to store firmware that can be executed in place (XIP), enabling faster system boot-up times and more efficient data processing. This Serial Flash memory is ideal for a wide range of applications, such as embedded systems, IoT devices, PCs, wireless communication modules, digital cameras, and many other electronic gadgets where a reliable Flash memory is needed.

Performance Parameters

- Density: 1G-bit
- Supply Voltage (Vcc): 2.7V to 3.6V
- Frequency: Operates at 133MHz for rapid data transfer
- Temperature Range: Qualified to operate at industrial temperature ranges of -40℃ to 85℃ and extended industrial range of -40℃ to 105℃

Package Types, Interface & Pin Configuration

The Winbond W25Q01JV comes in several package options to suit different design needs:

- SOIC16 300mil: A standard package with a wider footprint, for easy soldering and prototyping.
- WSON8 8X6mm: A very small outline package with no leads, ideal for space-constrained applications.
- TFBGA24 6X8mm (5x5 Matrix): A tiny ball grid array package for high-density board designs.

These packages share a common Serial Peripheral Interface (SPI) / Quad Peripheral Interface (QPI), providing flexibility in interface options to designers, with a standardized pin configuration for ease of integration into electronic systems.

Reliability & Lifespan

The W25Q01JV is manufactured under strict quality control standards, ensuring a reliable memory product with a long service life. Non-volatile memory cells are rated for a significant number of program/erase cycles, ensuring the memory maintains its integrity over extensive use. The device's endurance and retention capabilities are specified in the datasheet and reflect its suitability for long-term industrial use.


Standards & Certifications

While the W25Q01JV is not specified for automotive use and therefore is not AEC-Q100 compliant, it does follow the rigorous manufacturing standards required for industrial-grade components. The memory device adheres to the applicable JEDEC standards for Serial Flash memory.

Application Cases & Reference Designs

Given its robust features and performance, the W25Q01JV can be applied in numerous fields including embedded systems that require frequent data updates, such as digital cameras, DSLR firmware, wireless modules with frequent firmware upgrades, and industrial equipment controllers. The Serial Flash memory is part of various reference designs that showcase its integration within complex electronic systems, underlining its adaptability and performance in diverse scenarios.

For specific examples and detailed design integration, designers can refer to Winbond's official documentation and datasheets, which provide in-depth application cases and potential schematics for implementing the W25Q01JV into their projects.

In summary, the W25Q01JV is a high-performance Serial Flash memory solution from Winbond, offering flexibility, speed, and reliability for a range of industrial applications, packaged in various forms to suit multiple design needs. Its high reliability and comprehensive industrial operational range make it a premier choice within its category.



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