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winbond w25n02jwzeif


2Gb High Performance QspiNAND Flash STR166 / DTR80MHz SON8




Attribute Value
STR166 / DTR80MHz
1.7 ~ 1.95V
SON - 8

The W25N02JW is an advanced 2Gb Serial NAND Flash Memory chip that operates at a supply voltage ranging from 1.7V to 1.95V. Designed for high-speed data transfer applications, it provides data transfer rates at Single Transfer Rate (STR) of 166MHz and Double Transfer Rate (DTR) of 80MHz. This component finds its use in various industrial and automotive applications due to its substantial temperature range of -40℃ to as high as 115℃ and supports multiple I/O operations.

Function and Applications

This High Performance QspiNAND flash memory is intended for advanced electronic systems that require a reliable, high-speed memory solution. It supports x1, x2, and x4 I/O operations and features on-chip Error-Correcting Code (ECC), Buffer Read, Continuous Read, and Sequential Read capabilities, providing both robust data protection and flexible data access methods. Target applications for the W25N02JW encompass automotive systems including Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Instrument Cluster Applications, Center Information Display (CID), Vehicle-To-Everything (V2X), and scenarios where fast booting is crucial.

Performance Parameters

The W25N02JW is characterized by impressive performance parameters, such as a Page Read Time with ECC Enable of just 50 microseconds, and a Page Program Time of 250 microseconds (typical). It also includes a Block Erase Time of 2 milliseconds (typical), and supports an OTP Memory Area along with a hardware reset feature, enhancing both programming efficiency and design convenience.

Package Types, Interface & Pin Configuration

Winbond offers this High Performance QspiNAND Flash memory in two compact package types: WSON8 6x8 and TFBGA24 6x8. These small form factor packages aid in reducing the overall footprint on system boards. The W25N02JW utilizes a high-speed quad SPI interface which significantly enhances the data throughput when compared to conventional Parallel NAND flash memory.

Reliability and Lifespan

The W25N02JW adheres to the stringent reliability and quality standards expected in industrial and automotive grade products. Its capability to work across a broad temperature spectrum, along with the inclusion of on-chip ECC functionality, ensures the memory maintains data integrity and prolongs its operational lifespan under various conditions.

Standards and Certifications

Winbond ensures that its High Performance QspiNAND Flash memory complies with essential industry standards and certifications, but specific details on these should be referred to the product datasheet and the company’s certification documents.

Application Cases & Reference Designs

In terms of application cases, the W25N02JW is extensively used in fast-booting requirements of automotive applications where immediate display of information upon vehicle start is critical. Manufacturers utilize this flash memory in reference designs that concern BOM cost-efficiency and better storage density with faster data transfer capabilities. Customers can leverage the speed and flexibility of the W25N02JW to design responsive, high-performance electronic systems.


Product Feature 1

Support DTR
Page Read Time with ECC Enable: 50us
Page Program Time: 250us(typ.)
Block Erase Time: 2ms(typ.)
Support OTP Memory Area
Support HW reset

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