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winbond w25n01jwzeig


1Gb High Performance QspiNAND Flash STR166 / DTR80MHz SON8




Attribute Value
STR166 / DTR80MHz
1.7 ~ 1.95V
SON - 8

Function & Applications

The W25N01JW QspiNAND Flash memory chip is designed to provide a high-density data storage solution for embedded systems that exceed typical NOR flash capacities. This 1Gb serial NAND flash memory is geared towards applications that demand higher storage density and data integrity, such as in the automotive and industrial sectors. The on-chip ECC (Error Correcting Code) feature ensures reliable data storage by detecting and correcting errors automatically, which is critical for systems requiring robust data integrity.

With its built-in ECC and bad block management, this QspiNAND flash offloads these functions from the main system controller, supporting XiP (Execute-in-Place) functionality. This enables a system on chip (SoC) or processor to directly execute application code from the flash memory without transferring it to DRAM, a process previously achieved via code shadowing.

The W25N01JW is suitable for applications like infotainment systems in vehicles, industrial control units, and Internet of Things (IoT) devices, where consistent performance and data integrity are essential.

Performance Parameters

The W25N01JW chip operates on a supply voltage ranging from 1.7V to 1.95V. In terms of performance, it supports Single Transfer Rate (STR) at a frequency of 166MHz and Double Transfer Rate (DTR) at 80MHz. The temperature range for this memory chip spans from -40℃ up to 115℃, depending on the model, ensuring reliable operation in varied environmental conditions.

Winbond’s "continuous read" feature streams data directly to DRAM swiftly, enhancing throughput and system performance. Specific performance parameters include a page read time with ECC enabled at 50 microseconds, a typical page program time of 250 microseconds, and a block erase time of around 2 milliseconds. Support for OTP (One-Time Programmable) memory area and a hardware reset feature are also present.

Package Types, Interface & Pin Configuration

The W25N01JW comes in two package types: WSON8 6x8 and TFBGA24 6x8, which cater to different space constraints on the printed circuit board (PCB). This flash memory uses a quad-SPI interface, supporting x1, x2, and x4 I/O for flexible and fast data transfer operations.

Reliability & Lifespan

The built-in ECC and bad block management contribute to the reliability of the W25N01JW, making it suitable for applications that cannot tolerate data corruption. The memory chip's lifespan is also enhanced due to these features, ensuring longevity in the field, which is particularly important for automotive and industrial products that require extended service life.

Standards & Certifications

Winbond’s QspiNAND products like the W25N01JW are manufactured to meet industry standards and certifications, though specific certifications were not listed in the provided description. Typically, these could include compliance with ISO standards for quality management systems, and automotive industry-specific certifications such as AEC-Q100 for reliability testing of automotive integrated circuits.

Application Cases & Reference Designs

Although specific application cases and reference designs were not provided, products like the W25N01JW are commonly used in industrial control modules, and the growing domain of connected IoT devices. Here, the device's speed, reliability, and support for high-temperature operation are particularly valuable. Customers should refer to the Winbond website or contact their sales representatives for detailed cases and reference designs.

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